Volleybalvereniging – Delft

Play volleyball
at Kratos ’08!

Kratos '08 is a sports club where you get the opportunity to play volleyball on your own level and meet new friends.

Teams on all levels

Kratos '08 has many men's, womens' en youth teams that play competition at different levels.

We also have a weekly beginners training, which is the ideal way to learn the basics of volleyball!

Meet new friends

Besides playing volleyball, there are a lot of opportunities for socializing at Kratos '08 and lifelong friendships are made! This can happen after games in our bar, but also during parties and other activities that we regularly organize.

Good facilities

Kratos '08 has its own sports hall. Our hall has four volleyball fields, four changing rooms, and our own bar. After games and practices, teams often have a drink there together!


Our teams participate in the Nevobo competitions. Our home games are played on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Additionally, many members are active in beach competitions and other tournaments.

Beginners group

Do you want to learn how to play volleyball?

Then Kratos '08 is the right place for you! It's never too late to start with the most fun team sport out there! We have a mixed beginners group, where you are welcome if you have little to no experience with volleyball. During these training sessions, you will learn the techniques and rules of volleyball, making it an ideal way to start playing volleyball.

The beginners training takes place on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm and is led by experienced trainers. In addition to training, there are also practice matches to put your new skills into practice. Once you have mastered the techniques, we can place you in one of our competition teams.

You are more than welcome to join a few training sessions for free!


Kratos '08 has a large youth department. Starting from six years old, you train with the mini's and learn volleyball through Cool Moves Volley. Every month, there is a tournament with other teams from Delft and the surrounding area.

From the age of eleven, you play weekly competition in one of our youth teams. You develop your volleyball techniques and game skills following our youth development plan.


Beach volleyball

Kratos '08 has two beach volleyball fields behind the Kratoshal. Therefore, many of our members can be found on our beach fields during spring and summer! The courts and equipment are of good quality, and it is a beautiful place to relax and socialize after playing beach volleyball. Kratos Beach offers the opportunity to play freely and take training sessions. Together with other volleyball clubs in Delft, we organize the Delft Beach Competition (DBC), where you play weekly matches on your own level.


Sporthal Tantof-Zuid
Henk van Riessenlaan 5
2626AB Delft

Interested in playing volleyball?

You are welcome to join us for three trial training sessions without any obligation. If you enjoy it, you can become a member, even halfway through the season.

After filling out the form below, the Youth Committee or Technical Committee will contact you to see which team you can join for training.




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